We’re at the top of Behance ratings!

Azteck Totem on Behance

Our day started with an email from Behance bearing fantastic news! Inkration’s love for vibrant graphics and time-honored cultures was recognized, placing our slot art project, Azteck Totem, at the crest of the “Top Photoshop projects”. Our team is totally hyped about our accomplishment and thankful for such an honor!

What exactly is Azteck Totem about? Well, this project features mysterious Mesoamerican culture, a civilization thriving in the heart of ancient Mexico. The backgrounds depict Aztec’s complex architecture – pyramids that serve as temples and are filled with abundant treasures.

Our 2D artists took joy in creating this exquisite masterpiece, especially symbols and characters in the form of totems – people and animals made of stone, which our team meticulously adorned with fine gold. We love working on projects like this one, where we can spread the wings and show the full scope of our talents and creativity. The icing on the cake? Basking in positive feedback long after the project is over.

We’ve created a masterpiece that resonated with our team, satisfied our client, and earned the admiration of more than 10K people on Behance. Hitting this milestone is just the tip of the iceberg for us. With lots of ideas still up our sleeves, we’re getting ready to unleash more exciting stuff.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Azteck Totem yet, go check it out on Behance. With 800+ likes, we’re aiming for 10K! Support us with your likes! It means the world to us!