Inkration is ranking high on Behance for the fifth time in a row

top on behance

It appears that Behance has shown us quite a bit of love lately! Our hard work has been recognized here for the fifth time in the winter season. This time around, our project showcasing three works—Muertos Fortune, Coral Quest, and Jewelry Master—has caught their artistic eye.

This power trio exemplifies how slot games can immerse players in vibrant and fantastical worlds, rivaling the experiences found in traditional gaming! Every one of this threesome brings its own unique charm, beckoning you to play.

Check out Muertos Fortune’s bright, Mexican-themed art celebrating the famous holiday – Day of the Dead. Its vivid colors and intricate designs transport players to a festival with authentic skeletons, traditional music, and lively celebrations.

What about the colorful marine life Coral Quest offers? This is an underwater adventure eye-candy filled with extraordinary characters, from playful crabs to peculiar octopuses, all brought to life with stunning visuals by our talented 2D artists.

Love sparkly things? Then, Jewelry Master is just for you! We poured our hearts into this art project to simulate a treasure-hunting experience for you to enjoy. Looking so shiny and crunchy, these gems may make you want to try taking a scraping bite—we definitely do!

Did you know that this mighty trio is our first venture into AI for creating concepts? We’re delighted that our first foray into this innovative technology struck gold and got lots of recognition!

By the way, this marks the second time in the last three months that this project, in particular, has been spotlighted in Behance’s top charts. Not long ago, it was rated in the Game Design category, and now, we’re honored to have claimed another spot in the Photoshop list—a realm where we’re sure to start feeling right at home soon! 

We’re working hard to conjure more chart-topping visuals! See you in a little while!