We never tire of conquering Behance

Viking Land slot on Behance

Inkration has extended its creative tentacles towards new horizons of Behance! How, you would ask? Well, we’re eager to announce that our art project, Viking Land, made it to the “Top Game Design” ratings there! 

What does it mean? We’ve shown the whole art community the neverending extent of Inkration’s game designers’ and artists’ talents. This recognition not only highlights the dedication and expertise of our team but also showcases the vivid, captivating visuals that Viking Land offers players worldwide.

For this slot game, our artists and designers took inspiration from heroic Viking sagas, their legendary voyages, maritime dominance, and Norse mythology. Rune-adorned weapons, formidable warriors, and sea exploration weave together to capture the essence of Viking lore. The background portrays an old mountainside Viking village during warm and cold seasons. 

We’ve meticulously stylized symbols to strongly associate with Norse warriors, featuring iconic elements such as the renowned weapon hústrǫndr, horned helmets, wooden mugs, and gold-rimmed horns filled with mead to the brim. 

The Inkration team infused this art project with utmost dedication and creative energy, ensuring the authenticity of our exclusive slot art. Go check it out on Behance! We would be beyond grateful for your likes and support!