We are back at the top again!

RPS Battle on Behance

Here’s what happened – Photoshop has recognized our talent once more! Now, our newest and, we dare say, pretty unusual art project, RPS Battle, is reveling in the spotlight of the “Top Photoshop projects” on Behance. Not too long ago, our other project, Azteck Totem, was basking in the popularity among the Behance’s crème de la crème.

What’s the fuss about? 

Remember how you played a rock-paper-scissors game as a kid? What if we shake things up, and you can reminisce about the old times and play it again on a chessboard instead? 

Yes, you’ve read it right! Let us introduce you to reimagined classics where childhood nostalgia meets chess’s strategic twists. You’ll get 14 units with various weapons (rock, paper, and scissors) at your disposal. Your task is to strategize and defeat your enemy in our multiplayer arcade!

Our artists did outstanding, meticulous work on stylish rock, paper, and scissors characters. Take a look at how vibrant the backgrounds of the three play areas are! We guarantee you’ll be mesmerized by this eye candy!

We’ve promised more exciting projects – and we’ve delivered! Getting recognized by Photoshop once more is another critical milestone for us. And we couldn’t have done it without your support!

If you haven’t checked out RPS Battle yet, take a look at the visuals on Behance now! And in the meantime, we’re off to create more mesmerizing game art.